Winnie (my dog). Yes my dog's name is Winnie. Let the Christopher Robins jokes commence.
The Fade-Away Avos - Florida League Illustration
The Sailfish - Dead Fish Tell No Tails! - Florida League
The Juicers - Florida League Illustration
The Fightin' Conchs - Florida League Illustration
The Mighty Mahis - Florida League Illustration
Gum Ball Helmet - 26 Shirts Illustration
This chicken truck is comin' in HOT! 
Who knew Bigfoot only had 4 toes? 
March Madness Bracket Illustration
FTU (UCF's) Original Mascot, The Citronaut(cranking the Heisman)
Concept for a Minor League Baseball team
Bourbon, Red, White, Beer, Martini. Great minds drink alike! A piece for a party invite at a retro diner. 
Illustration for a blog post
Go Pro illustration for a poster
Nashville Hockey on Broadway!? Sounds like a Hockey Tonk!
Syringe illustration
Carrots were on the grocery list.
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