Campaign Branding • Bring The Boom word mark
2021 Team Schedule Poster
Highlights the 3 team captains. Design elements include campaign word mark, brick wall graphics, and the teams 2021 schedule. The QB Josh Turner is holding the mallet to #BringTheBoom a play on the team's Thunder nickname. 
Locker Room Exterior Wall
Highlighting different logos, phrases and symbols: these graphics incapsulate the brand and make for a unique look on the way to the field. 
Social Media Graphics
Game Day Motion: Inspired by the locker room wall, this motion graphic shares the opponent, game time and location. 
Stat Graphic: Showcasing the team's player of the week with accompanying stats.
Custom Player Lock Screens 
A lock screen design for each player to keep them focused on gameday. Letting them know every time they check their phone, to stay humble focused and hungry.
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